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February 1, 2017

Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 2017

Dyson dc41 animal complete vacuum is an advanced upright vacuum cleaner designed to clean up pet hair vacuum and different forms of dirt. It relies on the best technology to offer great performance. The Dyson DC41 Animal comes with a variety of features included to make it easier for you to keep your surfaces clean. Dyson DC41 reviews highlight all the components on this appliance and their function.



Features of the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete


  • Active Base Plate: This Dyson DC41 Animal Complete appliance comes with a base plate designed to adjust itself automatically to ensure the cleaner is in good contact with the various kind of floors you are cleaning. When you clean hard floors, the plate lowers itself to ensure there is an adequate seal while its brush bar is lifted to protect your delicate surfaces. When cleaning carpets, the plate goes up while its brush bar goes down to ensure adequate bristle penetration. This action helps to eliminate all pet hair and ground-in dirt on various levels of your carpet pile. With the automatic adjustment, you do not have to bend down to change settings when you are cleaning different surfaces. You can clean tiles, vinyl, carpets and wood.
  • Dyson Cyclone Technology: This Dyson appliance has cyclones that are included to allow you to capture more dirt compared to other cleaners. It relies on Radial Root Cyclone technology that offers remodeled airflows that are necessary to enhance suction power.
  • Mini Turbine Head: This feature is included to remove dirt and hair from confined areas, cars, upholstery and stairs. The component is tangle free and this makes it easy to clean the most awkward areas where hair and dirt tends to collect. You will notice that you collect more hair using this cleaner compared with other Vacuum Cleaner.
  • High-Reach Wand: The Dyson animal complete comes with a high-reach wand that offers instant release. This wand will make it quite simple to clean those hard-to-reach areas and stairs. It is designed to stretch to about 5 times its original length. You do not have to assemble additional parts to get the desired wand length.
  • Ball Technology: Dyson ball dc41 This patented technology turns itself on automatically to make it easy for you to maneuver the cleaner around obstacles and awkward spaces.
  • Tool Bag: When you purchase this appliance, you get a tool bag that comes with a variety of components including

Zorb powder
Multi-angle brush
Soft dusting brush
Stiff bristle brush
Stair tool
Combination tool

Its combination tool features a debris nozzle, which is easily converted into a brush tool that you could use to dust different surfaces. The stair tool is designed to collect dust and dirt from corners and vertical stair edges.

  • Cleans Air: One of the best attributes of this appliance is its ability to capture allergens in the air while it is in use. It has a HEPA filter to capture small particles that are about 0.5 microns. It will help to eliminate bacteria, molds, and pollen.
  • Clear Bin: Dyson DC41 has a clear bin that makes it easy to know when the appliance needs to be emptied. You can tell how much dirt, best pet vacuum, and dust the cleaner has collected by simply looking at the bag.

  • No Replacement Filters and Bags: This is a cost effective appliance because you do not have to replace its filters or bags. It a bagless cleaner and its filters are washable. There are no additional costs involved once you make the purchase.


Pros of the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete

♥ Allows flexible cleaning
Washable filters
Bagless design
Advanced technology
Easy to use
Additional cleaning tools
Stretchable wand
Eliminates allergens
Removes pet hair
Cleaning Power
Tangle free turbine tool


Cons of the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete


No cord-rewind feature
You have to unwrap cord completely before you use the attachments
Slightly unstable

Conclusion of the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete

The Dyson dc41 animal upright vacuum is a great appliance if you are looking for a cost effective cleaner that will allow you to clean different surfaces with ease. It offers a wide variety of tools and this makes it stand out from its competitors. The design may not be as impressive as other models but this cleaner provides good performance. You will definitely get value for your money especially if you have a variety of surfaces in your home. There are no extra costs involved after you buy the appliance and this is a significant advantage. The use of advanced technology to enhance cleaning and make the process effortless makes this appliance a good option for your home.